Its all about you, I'm here to serve.


From Full Lip Color to Lip Liner.

 A natural look to more sophisticated look,  its all about you.. what you like, and desire..


Permanent Eyeliner can give you the look you always try to get with regular makeup that in a few hours its everywhere but where you apply it. Get it as thin or as thick as you desire, and enjoy the freedom of smeared free eyeliner.. 


Our Eyebrows give our face a great frame. And they can also camouflage our beautiful face. Choose wisely...

Body Waxing

From eyebrow waxing to Brazilian waxing I do it all. Never double dip, private room.

Love your Skin

Exfoliate your skin professionally it will give your skin a clean silky smooth canvas.

Personalized Facials

From a relaxing facial to a anti-aging or acne prone skin. 

I custom blend each facial to make sure your skin gets pampered with exactly your skins unique needs.